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Astro-Med: Power Monitoring

Dash 8XPM
  • 8 Channels of inputs for single phase and three phase power monitoring
  • Hours of continuous recording
  • Capture transients at a sample rate of 200 kHz per channel
  • Months of trend recording
  • Measure a wide range of parameters with AstroPowerT software, including RMS current and voltage, real and reactive power, power factor, real-time consumption and THD
  • EN50160 Reporting
  • Flicker meter
  • AstroPower Review - offline reporting tool

The Dash 8XPM gives you the capabilities of a high end data acquisition recorder and a dedicated power monitoring system in one useful tool. With the Dash 8XPM, you can record power trends, events and transients for days, weeks or months at a time.

Continuous Display Dash 8XPM
AstroPower™ gives you a versatile, real-time display of your data. In addition to seeing raw power signals, you can also view power displays, phase diagrams, phase displays, harmonics, RMS displays and sequential components in real-time.
Monitor and Log EventsDash 8XPM
AstroPower™ allows you to monitor and log power anomalies, including power interrupts, power sags, power swells, frequency deviations, harmonics and unbalances in real-time. An unlimited number of power events can be logged to file for later review.
Transient Recording ModeDash 8XPM
AstroPower™ lets you monitor and record transients and glitches for later review and analysis. Voltage and current transients are sampled at 200 kHz per channel, helping you determine precisely what is wrong with your power.
Review and Analyze ResultsDash 8XPM
AstroPower’s™ powerful review software let’s you review captured data at the touch of a button. You can review raw data, logged events and transient data. It even lets redefine events and rescan captured files for different events.
Create Detailed Reports Create Detailed Reports with AstroPower Review
AstroPower Review is a versatile offline analysis package that is included with the Dash 8XPM. This offline tool provides the same review functionality as the Dash 8XPM on your personal computer. In addition, AstroPower Review features a comprehensive report generator, which compiles your data into clear, easy-to-read reports and exports them in either ASCII text or Microsoft Excel® format.
Key Features Recently Added to the Dash 8XPM
EN50160 Reporting:
EN50160 is a European standard that defines the main characteristics of voltage at the customer’s supply terminals. This feature allows the user to make power monitoring recordings with pre-defined set-up defined by EN 50160 and report them using AstroPower Review.
Flicker Meter Reporting:
Flicker is a term used to describe a random or continuous voltage fluctuations no more than 10% lower or higher than the normal voltage waveform. This feature allows the user to record and monitor short and long term flicker measurements as defined by International (IEC 61000-4-15) and European (EN 50160) electrical standards.
AstroPower Review ITIC Plot Reporting:
The ITIC (Information Technology Industry Council) plot describes a 120V/60HZ AC input voltage envelope, which typically can be tolerated by most Information Technology Equipment. This feature allows the user to generate an ITIC plot report with D8XPM data using AstroPower Review.
Consumption Analysis Tab:
Absolute, Active and Reactive energy are now reported in real-time.Time Start “Trigger” Feature: This convenient feature allows the user to set a specific start recording time and recording length.
Snapshot Event Zoom:
The user can now zoom in to critical portions of transient events by adjusting the time and phase leg voltage/current parameters.
Improved Interface:
This upgrade provides larger icons and an improved touch screen interface for easy setup, recording and review of critical power monitoring data.

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