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Astro-Med: Everest X
Recorder Workstations


  • Large 18.1" color display for real-time data viewing
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface simplifies setup and operation
  • Up to 32 analog or digital inputs
  • Virtual ChartT efficiently stores data while saving paper
  • Ethernet interface for command and control
  • High-resolution chart printing for clear, crisp traces
Everest X

The Everest X is a powerful recording platform designed for the unique demands of aerospace testing. Combining a high resolution 18" display, touch panel interface and superb quality chart output, the Everest X is ideal for applications such as flight testing , missile testing , flight simulation and satellite telemetry. With the Everest X system, you can view and print your data in real-time as well as mark specific portions of the data for later review. A customizable touch-panel interface makes the Everest X into a dedicated recorder for your specific requirements.

High Resolution Display
The Everest X has a high resolution, 18" color display for viewing waveforms in real-time. Clearly visible from any angle, the display can be customized with different colors for waveforms, grids, timing marks and text. Signals can even change colors when they exceed preset levels.

Everest X display

Easy-to-use Touch-Panel Controls
The touch-panel control makes your user-interface easily customizable. The touch-panel also allows you to instantly mark a point of interest and add a notation for later review.

Everest X custom control panel

High Resolution Chart Output
The high print quality of the Everest X produces the clearest and most accurate charts available. Chart formats are completely flexible.

Everest X chart sample

Store all your data with Virtual Chart
Virtual Chart allows you to save large amounts of data to an on-board hard drive. Virtual chart data can be reviewed on the display, played back to the chart or even taken to a PC for offline analysis.

Everest X setup screen

Analog or Digital Inputs
Everest X can accept up to 32 analog inputs. Digital data can also be input via Ethernet or other optional interfaces. The Everest X accepts IRIG A, B, H and NASA 36.

Everest X setup screen

Real-time with Look Back
A real-time look back feature allows viewing of historical data. A split screen display allows this data to be viewed without interrupting real-time recording.

Everest X split screen review

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