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Astro-Med: AstroDAQ XeR


The AstroDAQ XeR is the latest innovation in data acquisition.
It combines the flexibility of the LabVIEW® environment with the power of high speed data acquisition. Connect the AstroDAQ XeR to any computer with a USB 2.0 port and using the turnkey setup and acquisition software, you'll be capturing data in no time! The AstroDAQ XeR makes it easy for even a novice to operate. System architecture provides scalability for up to 64 channels of synchronized data.

Advanced users can take advantage of the power and flexibility of LabVIEW®. You can use built-in tools for test, measurement and control with LabVIEW®'s easy-to-use drag and drop programming.* With connectivity to thousands of devices, LabVIEW® lets you seamlessly integrate the AstroDAQ XeR into your test stand.

Record directly to 73 Gigabyte hard drive at 200 kHz per channel
Not only can you record a tremendous amount of data, you can record data at sample rates that you need - up to 200 kHz per channel! No longer do you have to trade off high sample rates for longer captures; you can do both with the AstroDAQ XeR.

8-Channels of modular inputs for any type of signal
Choose from the extensive library of signal modules available for the AstroDAQ XeR. You can mix and match any combination of modules for a total of eight channels per AstroDAQ XeR.

Combine systems for higher channel counts - up to 64 channels total
The AstroDAQ XeR allows scalability so that up to 64 channels can be acquired together as a system. Put together as many AstroDAQ XeR systems as you need to achieve the channel count that you need.

View waveform or processed data in real-time on your PC
Use your LabVIEW® environment or the free software called AstroLINK XeR to view data in real-time. You can also review captured data for further analysis.

AstroDAQ XeR


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