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Astro-Med is a world leader in the data acquisition and recording market and has been developing and manufacturing recording systems since 1969. Their Test & Measurement Product Group recorders are used throughout the world in the most demanding applications, including telemetry and aerospace, power generation, automotive, transportation, primary metal mills, pulp and paper mills, telecommunications and heavy industry.

High Voltage & Isolation Modules
Test Leads

USB Accessories
Current Probes

Current loop module


loopmodule The CLM-420 Current Loop Module converts 4-20 mA signals to 1 - 5 Volts. This module is useful for many process control measurements. User scaling should be set to reflect the above signal relationship.

Accuracy: 1% of the value being tested
Frequency Response: Greater than 1 kHz
Drift: less than 0.1% per degree Celsius
Part Number: 26487000

Thermocouple Modules


The TC-1X series is a one-channel thermocouple-to-millivolt converter with linearization that provides a precision 1 mV/degree analog signal. Individual modules for Type J, K and T thermocouples. Features both Celsius and Fahrenheit measurement scales and built-in battery.

Model TC-10 TC-11 TC-12
Type Type J Type K Type T
Range -20 to 600 degree celsius; -4 to 1112 degrees fahrenheit -20 to 1000 degree celsius; -4 to 1832 degrees fahrenheit -20 to 300 degree celsius; -4 to 572 degrees fahrenheit
Accuracy ±5.4 degrees F ±7.2 degrees F ±3.0 degrees F
Part Number 21880100 21880101 21880102

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DCS-8 Current Shunt

The DCS-8 Current shunt allows current measurements of up to 10 Amps with frequencies of DC to 10 kHz.

Shunt: 10 Amps at 100 mV (0.01 ohms)
Accuracy: DC to 10 kHz,±0.25% (18 to 28 degrees celsius)
Temperature Coefficient: 0.005% per degree celsius
Inductance: 8.3 mH in series with 0.01 ohm shunt
Overload: Up to 1 minute at 20 Amps with 1/4 duty cycle for recovery after currents between 10A and 20A
Part Number: 13123000




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