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Astro-Med: DASH 18XR-HS
Rackmount Data Acquisition Recorder


The Dash 18XR-HS is a high security rackmount data acquisition system with removable, lockable hard drive shuttles for securing classified data. It also comes in 6, 12 or 18 channel configurations along with 15 channels with IRIG decoding. It is configured for installation in a standard 19 inch rack and features universal inputs, a built-in display for real-time data viewing and a sample rate of 100 kHz per channel to hard drive.

Combine waveforms, video, audio and analysis in a "take-it-anywhere" system
In today's work environment, you need to be ready to test at a moment's notice. You need a system that will handle all of your recording requirements in one instrument, so you don't have to bring a scope, meter, data recorder, datalogger and audio recorder. The Dash 18XR-HS gives you all of this in a system with the footprint of a laptop computer.

With 18 universal inputs for voltage, thermocouple and bridge signals, you'll never have to worry about having the right signal conditioning. And the Dash 18XR-HS's large real-time waveform display, internal hard drive for capturing data, integral PC connectivity and optional chart recorder, give you data in any format that you want. With audio and video snapshot recording - synchronized to waveform data - the Dash 18XR-HS ensures that you will capture all aspects of your test.

Big 17" Touchscreen Display
Operation of the Dash 18XR-HS is quick and easy with the intuitive touch-screen display. Familiar Windows® icons and menus provide for straightforward setup and operation. There are no switches, push-buttons or other controls -complete operation is from the touchscreen. And, you can easily customize it to fit your exact needs.

Dash 18X Control Panel

High-Speed Data Acquisition
The Dash 18XR-HS captures 18 channels of data continuously to a dedicated 73 GByte hard drive at a sample rate of 100 kHz per channel, meaning you'll never have to worry about missing the details in your high-speed glitches or transients. For long-term trend recording, the Dash 18XR-HS allows you to set the sample rate as low as one sample per minute for days, weeks or even months of recording. The flexible Dash 18XR-HS allows you to choose the sample rate that is best for your application, meaning that you never have to acquire too much or too little data.

Three Data Acquisition Modes
Three different data acquisition modes of the Dash 18XR-HS make it adaptable for any application. Choose real-time recording mode to display your waveforms while capturing to the hard drive. Signals are displayed on the large, color display, giving you instant data visibility. Scrolling waveforms show you exactly what your signals are doing in real-time.

Use the scope mode for high-speed signals requiring greater timebase resolution. Scope mode gives you a detailed, real-time view of high frequency signals while capturing data to the hard drive in the background. Traditional scope controls give you the quickest and easiest way to look at your high-speed data.

Acquire/review mode is ideal for applications where immediate access to captured data is important. It allows you to look back at previously captured data without interrupting real-time recording. The Dash 18XR-HS makes it easier than ever before to review and analyze your data while still recording!

Audio/Video Synchronization
The Dash 18XR-HS will bring your testing to new levels with its ability to capture audio and video snapshots along with waveform data. Imagine being able to recreate an entire test in one system! The audio, video and waveform data is synchronized, allowing a more detailed analysis of what events actually took place during a test.

PC Interface
In today's environment, it is essential that your test equipment talk to your PC. The Dash 18XR-HS's Ethernet Port, DVD+R drive and off-line software make it easier than ever to do this. From setting the system up through your PC to uploading captured data from the hard drive to archiving data to a CD or DVD, the Dash 18XR-HS seamlessly integrates with your computer. Best of all, the Dash 18XR-HS comes standard with PC-based review software, making it easier than ever to review data.

Universal Inputs
The universal inputs of the Dash 18XR-HS let you connect almost any signal without using external signal conditioning. With high voltage, low voltage, temperature, DC Bridge and frequency inputs, most signals can connect directly to the Dash 18XR-HS. Channel-to-channel isolation means you will never have to worry about cross-talk and signal interference again. Since each input can be independently set up for any type of signal, it's like having an unlimited combination of signal conditioners!

6, 12, or 18 Channel Configuration
If your application requires fewer than 18 channels, the Dash 18XR-HS is also offered in 6 or 12 channel configurations. Best of all, the modular design of the Dash 18XR-HS allows you to easily upgrade from 6 to 12 to 18 channels as your application requires it.

IRIG Time Decoding
For applications requiring external time correlation, the Dash 18XR-HS offers an optional IRIG decoding module. This module decodes IRIG A, B, H and NASA 36 time codes, providing high-speed time synchronization of your data. During real-time recording, IRIG time is shown on the display. In acquisition mode, each data point is time-stamped with IRIG time.

Intelligent Power
Have you ever lost data due to a power loss? With the Dash 18XR-HS, you never will. If power is lost in the middle of a data acquisition, the Dash 18XR-HS will shut down the acquisition and turn itself off. When power is restored, the Dash 18XR-HS will power on and immediately begin to acquire data again.

Optional Strip Chart Recorder
If you ever have a need for a real-time or post-capture strip chart output, the Dash 18XR-HS chart recorder is the perfect solution.  For post-capture printing, you can print out part of, or the entire capture at different expanion/compression ratios.

Secure your data and settings
The Dash 18XR-HS features removeable drives so that all your data and settings can be safely secured. Spare and replacement drives are also available.

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