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Semiconductor Parameter / Device Analyzer Series

Complete Parametric Test Solutions for both Beginning and Advanced Users

The Agilent Semiconductor Parameter/Device Analyzer Series provides both a traditional and new, task-oriented approach to device characterization in response to the differing needs of today’s users. Experienced users with in-depth hardware knowledge will appreciate the traditional parameter analyzer capabilities of the 4155 and 4156 instruments. These instruments are a good choice for current users who have created algorithms and software specifically for these products and do not feel the need to change. New users who are less familiar with hardware intricacies will find the B1500A’s application-focused measurement method an intuitive, easy-to-use approach to device characterization.

In addition, the B1505A offers a one-box solution for power device analysis and its curve-tracer mode with knob sweep support provides an easy and intuitive user interface.

Offering Comparison

Classification Products PC Controller
Test Shell
MFCMU Available SCUU Supported ASU Supported
Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer Series 4155C, 4156C External Desktop EasyEXPERT Bottom-up No No No
Semiconductor Device Analyzer Series B1500A Integrated EasyEXPERT Top-down Yes Yes Yes
Power Device Analyzer/Curve Tracer Series B1505A Integrated EasyEXPERT Top-down Yes No No

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