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Agilent Technologies - Modular Source Monitor Unit Series
E5270B 8-Slot Precision Measurement Mainframe

General Features

  • Perform precision dc parametric measurements
  • Eight slots for plug-in modules
  • Code compatible with 4142B

Measurement Capabilities

  • 0.5 microvolt and 0.1 femtoamp measurement resolution (HRSMU + ASU)
  • +/- 100 Volts and +/- 100 milliamp output capability (MPSMU, HRSMU)
  • +/- 200 Volts and +/- 1 Amp output capability (HPSMU)
  • 4 Amp ground unit

Solves the most extreme parametric measurement challenges

For engineers and scientists working on current and future semiconductor process technologies, the E5270B provides a solution that both meets their needs and lowers their cost of test. The wide variety of available modules and advanced measurement features provide a complete solution for parametric measurement and analysis. Both a VXIplug&play driver and TIS commands are provided as programming aids for customers who choose to use their own software instead of software provided by Agilent. The E5270B ranges in price from US $20,000 to $95,000, depending on module configuration and options.

Unlike solutions that include both the system controller and measurement resources combined, the E5270B gives you the freedom to manage these resources separately, thereby avoiding the expensive problem of the system controller becoming obsolete years before other elements. The E5270B can be controlled from MS Windows-based, UNIX-based, or even LINUX-based operating system environments. Because you can upgrade your system controller hardware or software without losing the use of your instrument, your investment is protected against unforeseeable technology shifts.

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
No embedded controller in the instrument Manage your instrument measurement resources separately from your controller and software resources, einsuring that your test investment does not become obsolete too quickly.
HRSMU has 1 femtoamp current measurement resolution Can meet the measurement challenges posed by the vast majority of current and future devices, without the need for external preamplifiers.
HRSMU combines with optional atto sense and switch unit (ASU) to achieve 100 attoamp current measurement resolution Stable 100 attoamp current resolution via remote sensing meets the most demanding ultra low current measurement requirements.
Switch between CV and IV measurements on positioners via software commands No need to physically change cabling or move to a different probe station when changing from CV to IV measurement.
MPSMU and HRSMU can measure voltage with 0.5 microvolt resolution. Both SMUs also support new 0.5 V and 5 V measurement ranges. Enables you to perform very demanding component matching and metal line resistance voltage measurements with ease.
Includes industry-standard VXIplug&play driver Ideal when you choose to use your own software, instead of Agilent-provided software. Improves programmer productivity by removing the need to learn detailed programming of the instrument.
TIS (Test Instruction Set) commands supported for both BASIC and C Develop algorithms on an instrument that you can then easily transport into your 4070 Series-based production test environment.


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Key Specifications

Mainframe Characteristics
  E5270B 8-Slot Precision Measurement Mainframe
Available Slots 8
Ground Unit (GNDU) Sink Capability 4.0 A
Instrument Control GPIB
External Trigger Inputs/Outputs 1 BNC Trigger In; 1 BNC Trigger Out; 8 Programmable Trigger In/Out

Module Selection Guide
Required Slots 2 1 1 N/A
Maximum force voltage ± 200 V ± 100 V ± 100 V ± 100 V
Maximum force current ± 1 A ± 100 mA ± 100 mA ± 100 mA
Voltage measurement resolution 2 µV 0.5 µV 0.5 µV 0.5 µV
Current measurement resolution 10 fA 10 fA 1 fA 0.1 fA


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