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Agilent Technologies - Modular Source Monitor Unit Series
E5262A 2-Channel (Medium Power, Medium Power) High Speed Source Monitor Unit

General Features

Measurement Capabilities

The Agilent E5262A lowers your cost-of-test by providing a high-speed parametric test solution for semiconductor, RFIC, and optical component testing needs. Key features include a high-speed DC measurement of current and voltage, enhanced measurement speed for fast throughput, expanded program memory, 16 digital I/O lines for sophisticated triggering requirements, and parallel test capability, all priced to affordably provide the ideal balance of functionality.

Fast measurement that lowers cost-of-test

The fast measurement speed of the E5262A makes it an ideal choice for high-speed production test in situations requiring only one or two SMUs. Based on Agilent 4070 Series system technology, the Agilent E5262A lowers your cost-of-test with a high-speed parametric test solution for semiconductor, RFIC, and optical component testing. Two MPSMU modules and a ground unit are included in the E5262A, providing just enough test capability for many component-testing needs. The E5262A provides superior measurement throughput, several times faster than earlier products such as the Agilent 4142B. A number of innovative design elements help to improve the efficiency of complex testing, such as expanded program memory to accelerate the measurement process, and 16 digital I/O lines for sophisticated triggering requirements. The E5262A price is approximately US $13,000, depending on options.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Two MPSMU configuration Cost effective solution provides just enough test capability
SMUs that measure several times faster than 4142B SMUs Faster test times and improved throughput, resulting in a lower cost-of-test
Code compatible with the 4142B Replace current 4142Bs with the E5262A and enjoy a large throughput improvement with only minimal test code modification
16 digital I/O lines for instrument triggering in addition to BNC trigger-in & trigger-out connectors Sophisticated triggering schemes involving multiple instruments can easily be created
All trigger signals are processed via hardware rather than firmware Fastest possible trigger response from the instrument
Front panel control Can conveniently perform and report spot measurements via a simple front-panel interface, without programming.  View other items of interest, such as error messages, valuable when debugging the instrument performance under automated control.


Key Specifications

Mainframe Characteristics
  E5262A 2-Channel (Medium Power, Medium Power) Source Monitor Unit
Available Slots Two channel (2x MPSMU) configuration
Ground Unit (GNDU) Sink Capability 2.2 A
Instrument Control GPIB
External Trigger Inputs/Outputs 1 BNC Trigger In; 1 BNC Trigger Out; 8 Programmable Trigger In/Out

Included Module
  High Speed MPSMU
Maximum force voltage ± 100 V
Maximum force current ± 200 mA
Voltage measurement resolution 100 µV
Current measurement resolution 5 pA

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