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41000 Series

Integrated parametric measurement solutions that do not compromise performance

Engineers and scientists working on current and future semiconductor process technologies frequently require an efficient means to characterize wafers with high accuracy in a low-volume test environment. The Agilent 41000 Series or integrated parametric analysis and characterization environment (iPACE) provides an effective solution to meet this challenge.

The 41000 Series solution solves the most common challenges facing parametric instrument users who require high-resolution 1 fA performance all the way to the interface of the probe card needle and the wafer. Four standard 41000 Series configurations come pre-racked and cabled. Two are positioner-based solutions and two include a new high-performance switching matrix with a new probe card interface. These integrated solutions eliminate the tedious and confusing job of racking, cabling, and verifying the performance of parametric instruments.

With the 41000 Series' advanced switching matrix users can perform 1 fA, low-volume capacitance versus voltage (CV) characterization and current versus voltage (IV) characterization of wafers in development lab environments. There is also support for full Kelvin measurements using 4 SMUs or CV measurements, using the same setup.

Advanced switching matrix and probe card technology enable Agilent to initially offer two probe card-based solutions, in 1 fA and 10 fA measurement performance versions. Each standard configuration also allows users to add a wide range of options. All versions of the 41000 Series can also support CV measurement using an optional capacitance meter (initially the Agilent 4284A, with others to be added later).

The Agilent 41000 Series offers a new solution that fills the gap between expensive production-level testers and the low performance, user-created instrument solutions.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Integrated switching matrix, probe card interface, and probe card Enables automation of wafer characterization without compromising the 1 fA measurement performance of the semiconductor parameter analyzer.  Details
B2200 and B2201 switching matrices have 8 triaxial and 6 BNC inputs Allows utilization all of the measurement resources of the semiconductor parameter analyzer. Details
Atto sense unit (ASU) Easy to switch between CV and IV measurements; no need to physically change cabling or move to a different probe station; 100 aA resolution
Complete, integrated solution Simpler, less expensive alternative that is optimized for use in wafer characterization environments.



41000 Model 100: Ultra-Precision (0.1 fA/0.5µV) CV/IV Measurement (Available late 2004)

41000 Model 200: Precision (1 fA/0.5µV) CV/IV Measurement (Available late 2004)
° Analyzers option (4155C, 4156C and 5270B)
° 4284A C Meter (optional)
° PDU/EMO (optional)

41000 Model 300:
1 fA/0.5µV General Purpose CV/IV Measurement
° Analyzers option (4156C or 5270B) Model 400 only
° Probe Card I/F Pins (24 or 48)
° Kelvin ch numbers (0-8)
° 4284A C Meter (optional)
° PDU/EMO (optional)

41000 Model 400:
10 fA/0.5µV General Purpose CV/IV Measurement
° Analyzers option (4155C, 4156C or 5270B) Model 400 only
° Probe Card I/F Pins (24 or 48)
° Kelvin ch numbers (0-8)
° 4284A C Meter (optional)
° PDU/EMO (optional)

Key Specifications

Current Measurement Resolution (Model 100)
[Model 100 available late 2004]
0.1 femto-Amps (100 atto-Amps)
Current Measurement Resolution (Model 200, 300)
[Model 200 available late 2004]
1.0 femto-Amps
Current Measurement Resolution (Model 400) 10.0 femto-Amps
Voltage Measurement Resolution
(All 4155C and 4156C option based Models)
0.2 micro-Volts
Voltage Measurement Resolution
(All E5270B HRSMU and MPSMU option based Models)
0.5 micro-Volts
Probe Card I/F Pins 24 or 48
Kelvin Channels 0 to 4
C Measurement (Optional) 1MHz (4284A)
PDU Voltage (Optional)  

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